How we do it?



  • Transparency – we will share the name of the factory in Asia, once the samples have been approved and there is a purchase order. We can jointly visit factories, owners and inspect production.
  • Costs – You will know from the start on how Achiva’s fee structure will be. We base our structure on fixed % rates ranging from 3 to 7% of the invoice value.
  • We source what you need and adapt to your requirements.
  • Our service aims to establish a long term relationship with Achiva and the factories in Asia.
  • As our relationship progresses we can review payment terms.
No traders


  • No disclosure to their customers on who/where manufactures are, as they are afraid to be by-passed and lose their margins.
  • Push price as high as they can go to increase their margins.
  • Offer only specific product portfolio.
  • Transactional relationships at individual purchase order level.
  • Fixed payment terms.

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