Covid – 19 Preparedness

Due to the speed of propagation of the virus, companies have had to face many obstacles in order to keep their business running.  Keeping employees safe and providing a proper work environment is vital.  Countries have different health and security regulations to reduce virus propagation as well as protocols which support rapid action to support the operation.

A clean work environment, supporting employee safety, includes antibacterial gel, gloves and face masks.  These products support operations to maintain employee safety and control of the virus.

Occupational Safety

Maintaining a productive and healthy work environment is the employers responsibility.  These safety elements should be provided to employees to keep them healthy.

A safe environment for your team

Occupational and Health codes require employers to keep the necessary elements to protect the life and health of their workers.  In order to support them, it is imperative to have tools in place to prevent accidents and virus contagion at their disposal.

If your company requires Covid -19 safety elements or other products for employee safety don’t hesitate to contact Achiva for these products.  We currently have factories producing:

  • Surgical gloves
  • KN95 face masks
  • Surgical masks (3ply)
  • Antibacterial Gel
  • Face Shields