What we do?


Quality Control in Asia

Our Asia based team will visit and inspect factories to ensure that these meet your organizations requirements and AQL Statistical criteria.

Raw Material Inspection

Laboratory Tests

Pre-Shipment inspection

Factory Compliance inspections

Product Development in Asia

If your organization is interested in product development or sourcing in other areas, in order to improve quality or reduce cost, our company offers a trial service which has been successful in delivering benefits to our customers.  We have supported our customers in different vertical segments and have been delivering value to them, some of these are:  retail, construction, agriculture, livestock, fishing, mining, forestry among others.

When you are ready to test our service for the development of new products we will need three key elements:

  • Technical Specifications for the product to be developed or a physical sample.
  • Volume/quantity to be ordered.
  • Target price (what is the required price to issue purchase order).

With these three requirements we will start our investments in Asia, sending our teams to find, inspect and select the top five factories that meet the requirements.  Once samples are issued and approved, purchase orders will be sent.

We invite you to test
our service!

Contact us and our executives will reach out to you in order to support your product scoping, development and/or manufacturing in Asia.